How to Do Perfect Smokey Eyes

How to Do Perfect Smokey Eyes

I am using a smokey eye set from Bellá Pierre Cosmetics but lots of places sell them so it doesn't matter. Going from top to bottom: makeup base, snow flake (white), tin man (silver) and noir (black).

Apply the makeup base from both corners of your eye to your brow line. This helps keep the makeup on and gives it a more even look.

Then using the white eyeshadow and eyeshadow brush, sweep across the lash line.

Then using the silver eyeshadow and eyeshadow brush, cover the middle of the lid fanning out to the crease line.

Then using the black eyeshadow and eyebrow brush, cover the eye lightly around the middle getting darker towards the crease line and socket.

Dip the edge of the angled cut brush into the water to make it slightly wet and put it in the black eyeshadow, this makes a sort of eyeliner that is more subtle so blends in more. Apply to lash line.

Add silver again to eye in between socket and brow line, lightly dust white eyeshadow all over eye.

Apply mascara and you're done! :)

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