How to make halloween themed marshmallow crispy treats

How to make halloween themed marshmallow crispy treats

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Melt some butter on low heat, once the butter is melted add the marshmallows and let them cook on low heat. Be patient and aware.

Once they are 3/4 melted turn off the heat and pour in the cereal cup by cup. Ask someone to help you mix while pouring the cereal. Act fast or else it will be harder for you to manipulate the mix.

Once it's done, put the mixture on a flat surface, wet your fingers so you wont get sticky hands and press it. Be careful it may be hot.

We you add colored marshmallows you get a greenish color. Which is great for the occasion

Cut them in squares once they cooled off.

Prepare an easy glaze with sugar and milk. Color it and have fun decorating your treats!

Fun, affordable and easy treats for halloween night!

Watch the video: Easy DIY Halloween Rice Krispies Treats! (June 2022).


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