How to make apple pancakes

How to make apple pancakes

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Supplies you need

Peeled now take core out

Diced apples

Flour sugar salt

No shells wanted :)

One egg at a time no shells wanted :)

Start stirring add milk until easy to stir

Add the diced apples

All mixed

Check that the oil is ready once you see bubbles on a wooden spoon your good to go.


Top off with cinnamon sugar and enjoy!!

Apple pancakes 2-3 cups of flour 3 tsp sugar 4 shakes of salt 2-3 eggs Add milk until easy to stir 3-4 apples Dashes of seltzer Usually 1 cup flour per 1 apple per 1 egg

Mix flour, sugar, and salt Beat eggs mix I to the batter Slowly pour milk and mix until no lumps Add seltzer Refrigerator

Apples peel and take core and pits out Dice up into small pieces. Place to the side Mix flour, sugar, salt, eggs. Mix in milk slowly until easy too stir and no lumps Add apples.

Before you fry them and a splash of seltzer Fry until golden brown Serve with cinnamon sugar on top and enjoy YOU CAN BUY IT BUT ITS EASIER AND CHEAPER TO MAKE IT HOMEMADE

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