How to create a dynamic business card with your iphone.

How to create a dynamic business card with your iphone.

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Creating a dynamic business card is simple, if you use vCardSender2 from the AppStore.

Open the AppStore App and search for "vcardsender2".

Or check out: for the AppStore Link.

vCardSender2 is also available in a free lite version. (The lite version is just without the ability to search a contact.)

After starting the app you find a round button in the right upper corner. Push that button to create your dynamic business card.

First of all, fill out the fields with your business- and private information for your card.

Than select the sliders for your default card configuration.

You can save the sliders by pressing the "save" button. Your information will be saved automatically by pressing "ok".

To send your card just press "send".

Next time, if somebody want your business-, private or both information, you can do that with a minimum of three clicks.

I'm the developer of "vCardSender2". If you have questions, just ask. And if you miss something in the app, let me know about it. I will try my best to upgrade the app with your ideas!

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