How to mass produce pom poms

How to mass produce pom poms

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This really is quick and efficient! You can totally tailor it for how many pom poms you need and how big!!

Hammer in nails on an angle of 60-70 degrees at even spaces. I just guesstimated mine. The random nail in the middle was when I just wanted to make 5 test ones at a time.

Tie the wood around a nail, I used a double knot.

Just keep wrapping the wool continuously around the outside of the nails. This is why the nails are angled, the wool slips over if not.

When the wool is super thick, my sister in law and mum were surprised on how thick you needed the wool. That's why test batches are good. Tie off on the start knot slack.

Cut 15-20cm lengths of wool, the amount depends on the number of spaced between nails. The length doesn't have to be exact.

Tie a knot in-between nails, I tied a tight single knot that was looped twice.

Don't double knot them so they are unable to knot further or loosen. They are still taught around the nails and wool will fall to pieces when cut up.

Really pull two middle section knots and cut through in line with nail. Just slip scissors under a few strands at a time.

Now the caterpillar is a long length, go through and tightly double knot the sections.

I double knotted them really tightly.

Cut evenly in the middle to have a more rounded pom pom.

You can let your pet bunny play with the pom poms or use for pretty much anything. Look at next step to see my use for them.

I made a pom pom dress :) I made around 400 pom poms :)

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