How to make anaheim stuffed chiles with carne asada

How to make anaheim stuffed chiles with carne asada

Gather up all your supplies to make sure you're ready to go. You don't want to be that person who forgets something in the fridge and then feels like an idiot later.

Dice your onion. Start by making two horizontal cuts evenly apart.

Now make vertical cuts about a 1/4 inch apart across the full onion perpendicularly. .

Now make vertical cuts about a 1/4 inch apart parallel to the onion.

Look at your beautiful meat.

Cut the cheese. Or slice it. Whatever you prefer.

Dice the cheese.

Cut the cheese again! Or in half. Your choice.

Grate the cheese. Smell the beautiful aroma!!

Mince your meat.

Oil up your pan.

Make sure oil is hot and the. Add red onions.


Real slow! It looks cool when you do action onion pour shots!

Scoop out your Mexican in a minute seasoning. You can order this amazing seasoning from I know you can use code "snapguide" and get a 20% discount.

Lay it on the cutting board so it looks cool. Now add it to the onion mixture.

Grind in some pepper.

Looks amazing right? I love to look at it before I start mixing it around.

Meanwhile as the onions sauté mix in the mozzarella with the minced carne asada.

Mix your meat and cheese.

Your onions should look translucent and browned before you pull off to cool.

Your two mixtures.

Add onions once they are cooled. If you add to early they will melt the cheese and make it harder to evenly mix.

Mix meat cheese and onions.

Stuff your peepers that have already been sliced and deseeded. If you have extra filling mixture just pour it on top! My apologies for the lack of deseeded peeper pics. I honestly forgot. Oops.

Sprinkle your grated cotija cheeseall over!

Put in oven at 375

Cook for like 20 or when you think peppers are soft enough. Since your using carne asada you can pull it earlier. Mine were a little over done. I like my meat mid rare so err early!

Pull out when cheese is golden brown.

Sprinkle fresh salsa and go to town!!

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