How to make portuguese fried chicken

How to make portuguese fried chicken

Gather all your ingredients

Remove the chicken skin and give it a rinse with cold water

Add some vinegar, lemon and flour to clean chicken properly.

I normally leave it for around 30mins and then wash each piece one by one.

Once chicken has been cleaned, start your seasoning by cutting up 2 spring onions into the chicken.

Add the rest of the seasoning.

Rub the seasoning into chicken, and leave in refrigerator for an hour or longer ( 24 hours )

Heat up a pot of vegetable oil

Cover your chicken with fry chicken seasoning, you can season flour and just use that.

Make sure it's all covered

Place to fry in medium heat to make sure it cooks slowly and properly.

After 10 minutes you will have some yummy fried chicken:-)

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