How to make 5 minute gourmet instant noodles

How to make 5 minute gourmet instant noodles

Wash your veggies and herbs! I used Water Spinach (ong choy) and Shiso (Tia To)

Mix the broth mix with water get it boiling! This should be done before the washing of the veggies :P

Add noodles to boiling broth (I had extra pho broth from before so I mixed that with the soup flavoring from the package!)

While noodles are cooking, chop up your veggies and herbs!

Take out noodles before they are fully cooked - al denteeeee

Throw in your veggies into the boiling soup!

Slice whatever meats you have in your fridge! I just pulled apart a boiled chicken breast my mom had :P

Top your noodles with the meat, veggies, and herbs. Add whatever else you want! I clearly added seaweed here

If you love eggs, crack one into the mix!

Pour your boiling broth into your bowl - if you have an egg in there, make sure you pour it onto the egg to cook it, unless you like raw egg mixed into the noodles (it's quite delicious)!

You can eat now!!

...unless you want to garnish with green onions :)

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