How to make toilet paper roll wall art

How to make toilet paper roll wall art

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Get your supplies ready...

(SORRY MY CAT GOT IN THE WAY)These are the CARDBOARD paint chips. I use These cuz there FREE and its easier than painted cardboard, there in the paint sections in stores.

Cut the roll the length you want

It should look like leafs or flower petals

Put glue all around the edges

And Place it on the pant chip

I put four on at a time but you can put one at a time if you want

When they dry cut them out

They will look like this :)

Glue them together like a four petal flower

Like this

Make another flower and glue them together like this

When you glue them together they will have a circle pattern

Glue more together

You can make them long or wide, when your done making it hang it!

Enjoy :)

Please :)

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