How to pour latte art (rosetta)

How to pour latte art (rosetta)

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Pull your espresso shot and set it aside; I put mine on my machine to keep warm while I steam the milk. (I am planning to post a guide for that soon.)

Take your time pouring; it doesn't need to be too hurried! Many other videos make it seem so fast.

Also, I usually angle the cup with my other hand when pouring close, but I prefer always to keep it on the counter; it helps keep it steady. Some prefer to hold the cup though; see what you like!

The result: a very smooth texture, (almost) no bubbles, and nice contrast between the espresso and milk.

Not the most perfect pour, but a very tasty cup! Ever a work-in-progress for me, but I have fun getting better one cup at a time. ☕ The best way to enjoy making coffee is while drinking coffee. ;)

Watch the video: How to Pour a Rosetta. Latte Art (June 2022).


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