How to use burlap

How to use burlap

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My girls Elementary School Principal has worked very hard on creating values and habits for the children to live by. A token of my appreciation that will be cherish for the rest of our days.

Start off by finding some burlap (Art Store) A Piece of cardboard Frame (I chose Wood) Scrabble pieces.....

By measuring you'll have to cover the card board with the burlap.

I use my sewing machine.

With my frame I sanded it. Then varnished with a nice traditional cherry color. Once dried I use a clear Lacquer and let it dry overnight.

The End Result "WoW"

Using the Scrabble pieces I wrote down the School's 7 habits.

Using DL glue, I glued the scrabble pieces to the burlaps.

With some creative imagination I used Extra scrabble pieces to write missing letters with a black pen. I use the school logo Pin.

John Caboto Academy principle was very pleased with with her gift.

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