How to cook delicious cake cones!

How to cook delicious cake cones!

Laying out my 1st ingredients.

My 2nd ingredients.

Captain crunch and Reese's puff cereal crushed up for a creative topping. You can also use other cereal brands.

I just mainly followed the cake box instructions except i put olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

Now lets lay out our ice-cream cones!

This is where you mix your eggs, oil, water and of course cake mix.

Pre-heat your oven to 350

Start filling those cones up! Just be careful not to put to much or it will over flow!..just fill to the 1st line inside the cone or half of the cone.

You are gonna have some extra mix left over, this is where your 2nd pan comes in play!

After finishing up the mix it should be time to put the pans in the oven! I left mine in for 25-30mins, depending how much mix you used in the cones it may be longer.

The cup cakes may get done before the cones do. Take a tooth pick and check both pans to see if they are done through all the way.

Take the cones out to cool down and get ready to frost those bad boys! :D

Get your toppings ready!..i was gonna use sprinkles, but my family members aren't a big sprinkle fan lol

Start icing the cones! :D

Ta da!! :P. They make great snacks to cure that sweet tooth of yours! :). Enjoy!

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