How to keep any window permanently on top in windows.

How to keep any window permanently on top in windows.

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You need to download a teeny app called "alwaysontop". I created a link (shortened link) which will take you to the above page where you will find your download:

Unzip the file and you should have an .exe file like the one shown above...

Since it is NOT an application that you install (It's a portable app), you need to run it each time you want to use it. I recommend popping it into your Google Drive folder to sync & access wherever.

All you need to do is run the app... And when you open the window you want fixed on top (In the foreground), just press CTRL + space bar to lock it... To unlock just press CTRL + space bar again.

Fix whatever window you want on top... I like to fix the Evernote window on top as I drag images into a note directly from the web...

Keeping the calculator on top if you need to move around within another application is really useful...

Keeping a movie window or sound controls on top while you are doing something else is handy... Such as VLC, Netflix or iTunes mini player... you get the idea...

If you use a MacBook or iMac etc, you need to install "Afloat"... Here's a very simple YouTube video to follow: 11cfM9b

Here's to keeping on top what you want on top when you want it on top!... Absolutely no pun intended.

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