How to make jamie oliver's boobie pasta

How to make jamie oliver's boobie pasta

Essential equipment: big pot, big pan, both with lid's, small wooden spoon, tongs.


Slice your garlic cloves, as fine as you can. Remember - practice makes perfect :)

Put olive oil and your garlic on a medium heat, untill it get some color. Meanwhile place a large pot of water, covered with a lid on a medium-high heat.

Wash your boobs, I mean tomatoes :)

1/2 Cut in half, and remove the green part.

2/2 Cut in half, and remove the green part.

You're left with this, now repeat with the rest of your boobs :)

8 nice boobs, 4 awsome pairs.

Place all of the boobs on the hot olive oil.

Cover with lid, and leave it for 10 - 15 minutes.

This is how it should look after 5 minutes. The"sweat" on boobs is excess water leaving tomatos. Cover with lid and leave it.

At this point get your pasta into boilng water. Remeber to put salt in the pot!

Cover with lid, and bring it back to the boil.

Check on your boobs, the olive oil and juices from tomatos should form a souce at this point. Cover back with lid.

Chop your parcely using a "cigar" method.

Now is the time to remove skins from boobs. If they are stuck, or won't come off. Give them a little bit more time.

This is how they should look after you remove skins.

If your pasta is ready, get some of the cooking water and add it to the souce. 1/3 of a cup should be enough, don't worry if you add to much, it will just steam away.

Add pasta straight to the souce. Sadly now is the time to say good by to the boobs :(

Stir well using tongs.

Add chilli flakes, salt and pepper, to your taste.

This is how it should look. Keep in mind I was cooking for myself, and this is a little bit to much. The quantity is good enough for to. Serve with water or white wine. Bon apetite!

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