Remote Pet Camera Lets You Play with Your Pet While You're Away

Remote Pet Camera Lets You Play with Your Pet While You're Away

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If you have pets, you probably know just how hard traveling can be on man's best friends, or cats. Sorry, my inner dog person is showing through there, but there is a new technological solution so you can play and reward your pets 24/7. Called the Petcube, this interactive device has 2 built-in cameras and a treat dispenser to allow you to interact with your pets whenever you're away. The device allows you to stimulate your pets so they aren't bored, and also check to make sure they aren't tearing up the house or running away. Check out the video below to learn a little more.

With the accompanying app, you can use the built-in laser toy to exercise and play with your dog or cat, while catching it all on camera. The original Petcube was fully funded on Kickstarter, but now they are back with a device that can dispense different treats, allowing you to train and care for your pet from anywhere in the world. Here is a list of all of the feature the new device comes with:

- 1080p HD, 4x digital zoom, low-light and no-light capabilities with night vision

- 2-way audio, personalized voice messages when dispensing treats

- Notifications of your pet's movements with sound and motion alerts

- Never run out of treats through Petcube Bites and Amazon Dash Replenishment

[Image Source: Petcube]

For dog and cat lovers alike, this is the best device on the market for playing with and spending time with your pets. There are so many other features built into this device like "pet selfies," it would be impossible to pack it all into just one article. The new Petcubes bites device is currently halfway funded on Kickstarter where you can get your hands on the presale for US$119. Never let your pets miss you again, and never have to spend a moment without your best friend.

[Image Source: Petcube]

Check out this interactive device here!



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